Non-surgical fat removal is a huge trend in cosmetic treatment. Over 150,000 people, each year, perform one of many procedures–from CoolSculpting to Kybella–in order to reduce their fat.
So what’s the skinny? Does it work, or not?

It Does Work, But Maybe Not as Well as Liposuction

Although more and more technologies are coming out for just about every procedure, and new fat reduction treatments are always coming out on the market, they still haven’t become as effective as liposuction.
For one, liposuction removes the fat immediately, but every non-surgical and non-invasive form of fat killing takes months to drain the fat from the body via the lymphatic system.
Not to mention, targeting specific areas can be difficult, depending on the method used, as all these procedures are essentially targeting the fat from “outside” the body. Think of CoolSculpting handles that can have difficulty grabbing onto the problem area in question.
Finally, it simply won’t give the same level of results. Though fat reduction can be fairly high with non-invasive treatments, even the 25% reduction in certain areas patients may not see just isn’t as high as what liposuction can give.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not great procedures

That said, these procedures are great at what they’re meant to be. They not only recontour the body, but they do so painlessly, efficiently, and without any recovery time.
The fact of the matter is that fat reduction treatments will have you going in to the doctor, perhaps every few weeks, for sessions that last an hour tops.
What’s not going to happen is recovery times that take weeks — nor will there be any incisions on your body.
And individuals who go in for non-invasive fat reduction may just be a different class of individuals who simply want to take their body the last mile — or the last inch off the waist.
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