If you have recently had breast augmentation surgery, then you can rest assured that recovery from this surgery is a smooth process.
You might be surprised to know that you can be back to work within the week if you’re lucky.
But there are definitely things you can do to make the recovery process smoother. Here are just a few tricks to facilitate the post-breast augmentation process.

1.Don’t Do Heavy Lifting

Hopefully you won’t be doing any serious chores after the surgery, but if you are, at the very least make sure you have assistance. Don’t do any serious lifting — this means don’t pick up kids either, if you have them.
Have someone on hand to help you do any sort of lifting through the first three days of recovery.

2. Keep the Pain Pills Close By

Not every woman needs the prescribed pain pills–some just use over the counter medications. Nonetheless, make sure you have them on hand in case the pain or nausea gets too bad.

3. Sleep It Off

Remember, sleep is your body’s way of recovering. Make sure the bed you’re resting in is comfortable, and have some entertainment on hand–whether that’s reading or Netflix.
Just make sure your body is getting the time it needs to rest properly, and you should be up and at it in no time.

4. Eat Light and Healthy After Your Surgery

Of course, nutrition is also essential to recovery. So make sure you eat foods with the nutrients you need to recover.
But it might be wise to find foods that are easy on the stomach. After all, after the surgery you might find yourself so nauseous that eating can be difficult. So find some light foods.
And make sure you hydrate well too!
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