2017 is so last year. And while it’s great to do a yearly review of what was popular last year, what’s even better is to predict what’s going to happen this year.
As far as 2018 goes, there’s some pretty exciting–and surprising–cosmetic treatments in the works.
Here’s the newest, latest and greatest treatments you might be hearing about soon.

1. Laser Bra Lifts

Say what? Breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lifts–all of these are popular plastic surgery choices. But a newcomer may turn everything we hold dear upside down.
A totally revolutionary take on breast cosmetic treatment, the laser bra lift uses lasers (duh) to create what some doctors are calling an “internal bra.”
By using the same principles as skin rejuvenation techniques typically applied to the face, the laser bra lift can improve the elasticity of the skin on the breast — without actually removing excess skin.
Now that’s something.

2. Botox 2.0

Now, this one is a bit more speculative, because there isn’t a specific product in mind (although there are products like RT002 in the works.
But some doctors are sure there’s a new product in the works, very soon to replace the Botox we all know.
What exactly will the Botox 2.0 bring? Will it simply last long? Will it erase wrinkles forever? Who knows. Not us, just yet.

3. Customized Labia

Now if that isn’t an eye-catcher. Labiaplasties are only getting more and more popular, as the stigma fades from the procedure.
Reshaping the labia, whether it be for health or simply aesthetics, may just be the real trend of 2018.

4. Eye… Filler?

Don’t worry, the dermal filler doesn’t go in your eyes. But if you ever had baggy eyes, you might know that the current solution involves removing fat from the bags under the eyes.
But doctors may start using fillers to contour the eye by injecting the fillre into the upper and lower lids.
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