Botox is used for about a thousand things by now, and wrinkles may just be the least impressive of the conditions Botox treats.
But if you suffer from a number of conditions, some devastatingly painful, then Botox may actually be the miracle cure you need.
Here are a few of the off-label uses for Botox.

1. It Can Cure Your Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis can be an incredibly embarrassing condition. For patients with this condition, curbing their overactive sweat glands might seem like a miracle.
Overly excessive perspiration is just one of those things that can leave you high and, well, not dry.
And when patients are injected with Botox–which blocks signals from the sweat glands to the brain–they can go from overly sweaty to dry in just a few minutes.

2. It Can Get Rid of Those Horrible Migraines

Suffering a migraine is one of the most painful experiences you can have. It’s not just painful–it can be outright debilitating, sometimes even stopping people from living out their normal lives.
Many are unaware that migraines can at least partially be caused by muscular contractions around the scalp.
Injecting Botox and deactivating these overactive muscles can be a godsend–and help some reclaim their lives.

3. It Can Stop That TMJ That Has You Grinding

Once again, TMJ is one of those conditions that hurts and is hard to explain to people.
Though TMJ sufferers have many different pathologies, one thing that’s common to most is the chronic contraction of the muscles at the back of the neck. Sometimes manifesting itself as chronic tooth grinding, TMJ just isn’t a joke.
But an injection of Botox can alleviate the pain at the back of the neck–and help individuals relax those jaw muscles for once.
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