Lip injections can enhance your look or even restore it to that youthful charm. This non-surgical procedure reduces wrinkles, restores shape, or augment the size of your lips.
The treatment is immensely popular. But there are some common questions potential patients still want to know.
We’re here to answer them.

Why Should I Consider Lip Injections?

Women of all ages can feel unsatisfied with the look of their lips. Injections allowed them to do something about it. They were either born with thin lips or have lost the shape of their lips due to aging.
Patients can also correct what has been referred to as “smoker’s lips,” vertical lines that come from years of puckering lips while smoking. In some cases, these vertical lines can be a result of a lot of drinking from water bottles.

What’s the Process Like?

During initial consultation with your dermatologist, you can let them know what you’re trying to accomplish with injections.
They will let you know what results to expect and additional important information, like how the treatment sometimes makes it no longer possible to whistle or use straws.

What Are My Options?

The type of filler being used depends on what effect you and your doctor are going for.
Typically, hyaluronic acid fillers are used for pumping lips. This will last anywhere between 6 to 12 months. There is, though, a small risk of bruising—and a few people have had an allergic reaction.
Botulinum toxins will reduce wrinkles. Botox like this costs less than hyaluronic acid fillers but the results only last up to four months.

What If I’m Unhappy with the Results?

The procedure can be reversed. Patients don’t normally ask for it but in any case, regardless of the type of injection, HA fillers are always temporary.
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