Cosmetic surgery is a tricky issue for patients who are young. Teenagers, in particular, are a group that plastic surgeons face many ethical issues in trying to navigate the thorny waters of self-esteem, hormones, growth, and body issues.
However, if you are already suffering from the negative physical or emotional effects of large breasts, below is some helpful ways how to tell your parents you want a breast reduction.

Why a Breast Reduction Can Be Different

For most cosmetic surgeries, surgery for a teenager is simply not recommended, for a number of reasons. On a psychological level, many teens simply aren’t in the right mental place to be making these kinds of permanent decisions about their body. On a physiological level, many teens bodies simply aren’t done maturing — and surgery isn’t a wise option.
But breast reduction can be a somewhat different case. While it’s true that like with other parts of the body, breasts do not necessarily finish developing until the teen reaches their early 20s, the fact of the matter is breasts aren’t going to typically shrink between one’s teenage years and their 20s.
Therefore, it still stands that a teen may way to wait a few years, simply because they can avoid the risk of having to take another breast reduction.
On the other hand, there’s less of a chance of complicating a teenager’s development by performing a breast reduction.
Moreover, large breasts can be a medical issue as well as a cosmetic one if they cause back pain.

How to Tell Your Parents You Want a Breast Reduction

The first thing any teenager needs to do is to talk to a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon. They can talk with the doctor on a professional level, without fear of judgment or repercussion — and the doctor can give their honest professional opinion on whether they think it would be a wise choice for the teenager. Is it a wise choice for their development? Is the teenager physically ready?
Once this is done, the teenager can do their research into the procedure and learn enough about it to have a serious talk with their parents — who will be more likely to listen if the teenager is well-informed.
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