The only perfect nose job is the one that most accentuates your individuality, according to the most up-to-date plastic surgeons.
Nose jobs used to all look the same: the narrower, the better. Now non-surgical nose jobs are trending. They are more natural, and they require almost no downtime.
Alexander Rivkin, a plastic surgeon practicing out of Los Angeles, says, “The perfectly straight and symmetrical noses are now considered boring.” Patients now request improvements to their current features, not simply a Barbie doll likeness.
New York-based plastic surgeon Melissa Doft adds: Patients are embracing individuality. They are proud of their heritage. The trend in the 80s and 90s had always been to make the nose smaller, now women wish to have a more pronounced nose.”
This body positive trend is seeing patients adding volume to their nose and even undoing work they received in the past. Rivkin believes that women are becoming more secure as they grow older.
He says these patients typically undergo rhinoplasty when they were younger, hoping to fit in. But now they’re recognizing how beautiful they were all along.
Doft continues, “The easiest way to make a more pronounced nose is to add dermal fillers, such as Restylane or Juvederm, to the bridge of the nose.” This non-surgical nose job costs somewhere around $1,000 and typically don’t require downtime.
The use of fillers are far less painful than full-on rhinoplasty. Rivkin says his patients don’t even feel the injection at all. He uses the kind of tiny needle used for Botox injections.
But fillers aren’t permanent, only lasting a few months. Rhinoplasty is still the best alternative for the long-lasting effects. The cost of that starts at $15,000. Still, Doft is excited about the trend overall.
She says, “Diversity of beauty is something to celebrate.”
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