khloe KardashianIt’s all contouring: or at least that’s what the Kardashians say. When it comes to whether or not they’ve gone under the knife, the Kardashians give surprisingly nuanced PR.
In this case, observant fans debate whether or not Khloe Kardashian received a rhinoplasty, or if it’s just the makeup.

Behind the Scenes With the Makeup Artist

A talk with their long-term makeup artist Joyce Bonnelli lends some plausibility to the idea that it’s “all natural.”
Joyce says she likes to use chocolate brown eyeliner on Khloe. Then, for Khloe’s eyelids, she uses a highlighter pencil.
She puts bronzer on the cheeks, contouring on the nose, and viola: a sleeker, more petite nose.

But Is It Really A “Nose Job?”

Rhinoplasties, or nose jobs, or “nose reshapings,” readjust a patient’s facial balance. Traditionally, rhinoplasty is a surgery. They can reduce nose width at the bride, or reduce humps or depressions at the nose bridge.
Meanwhile, bulging nasal tips can also be reduced, and in general nasal asymmetry is reduced.
But, as Dr. Navin Singh has demonstrated in a previous video, “non-surgical rhinoplasties” do exist and they do work. In fact, these non-invasive procedures use the same technique used to fill out people’s lips and smooth out wrinkles: fillers and Botox.
An injectable such as hyaluronic acid alters and shapes a person’s nose in much the same way a surgery does. Surprisingly, you can get a lot of mileage out of filling out nasal volume rather than reducing it.
While the popular conception of nose jobs is simply size reduction, often times the “starlet” look can be achieved by fixing asymmetry.

Is the Procedure Right for Me?

While this is a question every patient needs to answer on their own, non-surgical rhinoplasties definitely change the calculation.
Fillers can achieve the same results as a surgical rhinoplasty, while also being cheaper, having little to no recovery process, and simply being less risky.
If you’re interested in a rhinoplasty or non-surgical injection rhinoplasty, contact Washingtonian Plastic Surgery today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Singh.