Jennifer Aniston CosmeticWhat keeps the celebrities looking young forever? There’s a whole host of cosmetic treatments out there.
As cosmetic treatment becomes more and more popular, and cosmetic technology continues to improve, it can be hard to figure out what the best procedure to get is.
In this article, we take the celebrity angle by listing out some of our top celebrities’ favorite procedures.

Number 5: Dermaroller for Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is known for being a natural beauty in Hollywood. She has generally avoided cosmetic procedures (sans a nose job in her 20’s).
But even she won’t say no to a good dermaroller treatment.
Dermarollers do “precise damage” to the skin to allow any topical treatments to seep into the skin better. The damage helps the body start synthesizing collagen and elastin.

Number 4: Using PRP to Prevent Aging with Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea may be the youngest woman on this list. But she knows the importance of preventing aging.
After all, once you hit 25, your body stops producing collagen naturally. Therefore, treatments like PRP can go a long way in keeping you 20 forever.

Number 3: Madonna likes Botox

Botox–whether in Hagerstown or New York City–is an old classic.
Considering Madonna is quite a bit older than the other celebrities on this list, but still looks fresh, it’s easy to see there’s a reason for that.
Besides using Botox on her face, she even uses it to keep her hands looking young!

Number 2: Kim Kardashian and the “vampire facial

The Kardashian’s might just be the face of celebrity fever.
They’re no strangers to cosmetic treatment–but if there’s any treatment that’s done the most for Kim Kardashian, it’s the “vampire facial.”
This refers to PRP treatment, another natural method of stimulating collagen production.

Number 1: Staying Young Forever with Betty White and her blepharoplasty

Betty White might just live forever, and she’ll look great doing it.
At 95 years old, she still has bright eyes: the result of her blepharoplasty, a treatment that augments droopy eyelids.
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