Plastic Surgery Trends
Mommy Makeover #4
At Washingtonian Plastic Surgery, clients are constantly asking for the “hottest procedures” in the country. Tummy Tucks are growing, as are Mommy Makeovers as a whole.
The Mommy Makeover consisting of a tummy tuck, breast lift with augmentation and liposuction, make up the components of the most popular procedure in the Washington Metro area.
The procedure can be performed either individually or in combination.
If clients are looking to undergo the multiple procedures route for a Mommy Makeover, it is recommended to have them performed at the same visit.
This provides optimal benefits including recovery time, reduction in surgical costs and in many procedures fewer incisions.

Plastic Surgery trends
Tummy Tuck #3
Many clients find that no matter how dedicated they are to a healthy diet, nutrition, and exercise– they can’t seem to loose their baby buldge.
During pregnancy patients can result in severe skin and muscle laxity. This causes many with undesirable sagging skin.
The skin on the lower part of the abdomen can appear stretched. The only way to remedy this condition is by undergoing a procedure known as an abdominoplasty, commonly referred to as a tummy tuck in Maryland.
Several tummy tucks are available depending on the degree of sagging and muscle laxity with each patient. A standard tummy tuck is performed when an incision is made from hip to hip below the bikini line. We remove excess skin, muscles are then tightened down the center of the abdomen. Then the incision is sutured appropriately. A belly button is then newly created.
If clients are experiencing sagging skin between the pubic or naval area, then a mini tummy tuck in Maryland is be the best choice. Mini Tummy Tucks in Maryland are procedures that require less downtime and a smaller scar. Less skin is removed and muscles are not tightened.
The incision is only about half the size of a standard tummy tuck. All excess skin can be removed.
Dr. Navin Singh, at Washingtonian Plastic Surgery, creates an incision then sutured, resulting in a flatter more flattering mid-section area. The Mini Tuck in Maryland is similar to a standard tummy tuck, liposuction may also be used to enhance the contours of the abdomen.

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