Breast Augmentation is a serious surgery. The treatment is the most popular plastic surgery by far–and as a result, it’s natural for women to want to know what they can do to facilitate recovery as much as possible.

How Long Will It Take for Me to Recover?

While a general timeline can be provided, your recovery time depends on your body. Whether you’re younger or older, the size of your breasts, how elastic your skin is, and many other factors affect how long recovery might take.
Meanwhile a more experienced plastic surgeon may be able to improve your recovery experience depending on their skill. Their ability to minimize scarring through precise surgical technique goes a long way in reducing recovery time.

Recovery Timeline

For the first two days you will be extremely fatigued and have to sleep in an inclined position. You’re going to need someone’s assistance through this time to help you with basic needs such as eating and staying hydrated. For the first forty eight hours, you’ll need to drain excess fluids via tubes.
For the first week, you’ll need to wear a compression bra and watch your physical activities extremely carefully. Absolutely no driving until you’ve finished taking pain medication.
After a week, you should be able to return to work and mostly resume normal activities.
Up until week six you’ll still be going through moderate recovery, though you should be able to resume exercise within three weeks. Heavy lifting or serious workouts, however, should be avoided for six weeks.
Overall, breast augmentation recovery is a process that can be made harder or easier depending on you. Take the time to plan out beforehand.
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