A Labiaplasty is a surgery where the labia is sculpted. The labia refers to the skin surrounding the vaginal opening. This might be done for either cosmetic or medical reasons.
In many Labiaplasties, the size of the external vaginal structures is reduced in size. Occasionally, an uneven labia is reshaped.

Why might someone want a Labiaplasty?

Many factors can affect the shape and functionality of female genitalia. Aging and hormonal changes in the body, for example, can lead to the relaxation and sagging of the labora minora.
Childbirth can cause scarring in the perineum and can also cause the relaxation of the labia majora.
Meanwhile, many women might feel that their labia minora protrudes past the labia majora in a way they find unattractive.
There are many medical reasons to desire a Labiaplasty, including loss of sensation or pain during sexual intercourse. Women may also suffer from incontinence.
A Labiaplasty, besides changing the appearance of the vagina, can reduce sensation for improving pleasure during sex, or reduce pain during intercourse. Meanwhile vaginal muscle tone and strength can see improvements.

Am I a good candidate for a Labiaplasty?

If you’re suffering from any of the above medical conditions, you might consider a Labiaplasty.
Individuals considering a Labiaplasty for cosmetic reasons should have a consultation with a physician–not only to determine needs and manage expectations, but to have a frank talk about whether the individual has healthy attitudes toward their body and the procedure.
There’s no such thing as a ‘normal’ shape for female genitalia — and modern social media can often lead to self-perception of abnormality. It’s important for anyone undergoing even minor cosmetic surgery to have a realistic and accurate perception of the broad range of body differences individuals may have.
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