A tummy tuck–one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in Northern Virginia. Everyone knows what a tummy tuck is, right? Or do they.
In actuality, you might find that a tummy tuck is a bit more open ended of a procedure than say, breast augmentation, in that it deals with a larger number of variables to achieve that smaller tummy.

1. Liposuction to Get Rid of Excess Fat

Remember that liposuction very often comes with a tummy tuck, and is just one element of the procedure.
It makes sense to do lipo with a tummy tuck because the incisions needed to perform the overall procedure are already made.

2. Getting Rid of Excess Skin Through Incisions

When it comes to appearance, you might be surprised just how much skin contributes. Thus, typical to a tummy tuck is removing excess skin that can hide abdominals.
The excess is trimmed away, and the incisions are hidden in the lower torso where they’ll typically be hidden by underwear.

3. Stitching Muscle and Fascia Back Together

Abdominal muscles can separate and be loose — along with the fascia that keeps your body tight and together. Stitching these back together can go along way in reducing the bulge that a tummy tuck is meant to remove.

4. Relocation of the Belly Button

This might seem like an odd one, but it might be necessary to make the whole procedure cohesive. It all depends on how the tumym tuck goes.

5. More Contours of the Body

Some surgeons go a step further, and work to further suture the inner muscles — creating something like a corset inside the body that reduces the waist line.
These are some of the main elements of the tummy tuck. As more and more techniques are developed to make a tummy tuck a more effective procedure, that definition may continue to change.
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