Stassi Schroeder spoke candidly about her scars on social media. Though reality TV stars aren’t usually known for their honesty, Schroeder made a point of showing her scars from a dual breast reduction and lift surgery, circa 2015.
As Schroeder puts it, “My nipples are seven inches higher than they used to be and it’s awesome.”
Breast reduction surgery can be surprising for some. After all, breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery by a long shot. But individuals like Schroeder, who reduced her size from DDD to D, find that they prefer their look with smaller breasts.

It’s Not the Size That Matters, It’s How You Rock It

There’s no such thing as an ideal breast size, and whether individuals want to augment or reduce the size of their breasts is up to them.
The same goes for the shape of their breasts. Schroeder, meanwhile, likes to go braless with her new breast shape, excited that her “nipples are not pointed down to my knees.”
So why’d she decide to reveal her surgery scars to the public? For one, she’s proud of her body, and wants to help empower women to embrace their own bodies.
She doesn’t want women to feel that “they have to have waist trainers and boobs and a butt, and if we don’t have a small waist with that, we’re not that attractive and everything is hush-hush.”

Is Breast Augmentation/Breast Reduction Right for Me?

The lesson here may be that what’s most important is for individuals to feel comfortable in their own body. Whether that means embracing what they have, or exhibiting autonomy over their own look.
In Schroeder’s case, that meant a breast reduction and breast lift. What you decide to do with your body is up to you.
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