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Fact Check: Can Breast Implants Cause Cancer?

Women considering breast augmentation are often concerned about how their implants will look and feel post-surgery. They also hope that selecting a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon and following pre- and post-care instruction will limit their risk of complications. Some even hesitate about their decision to get breast implants for fear that they may cause cancer. However, this is a common…

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Breast Implant Sizing Guide

Many women considering breast augmentation in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC have a vision of how their enhanced breasts will look and have a preference on implant size and shape. However, just as it’s important to find clothes and shoes that fit well and enhance your body, it’s also essential to select an implant size that works well with your…

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Vogue Implants? Try Saline

A new generation of Saline Implants: There is a new Saline Implant on the market. In a recent New York Times article, a trending but somewhat secretive advancement has prompted a sought after waitlist for implants that look and feel natural yet are saline. Uncommon for standard market saline implants, this particular implant is less liquid and more gel-like in…

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