Many women considering breast augmentation in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC have a vision of how their enhanced breasts will look and have a preference on implant size and shape.
However, just as it’s important to find clothes and shoes that fit well and enhance your body, it’s also essential to select an implant size that works well with your anatomy and figure.
So, how do you decide which implant size is right for you?
Continue reading for our breast implant sizing guide and how to work with your plastic surgeon to ensure the best fit and natural-looking results.

Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Prior to undergoing breast augmentation, most patients have a fairly good idea of desired implant size and degree of enhancement that they would like to achieve.
Oftentimes, these pre-selected sizes are larger than what a women’s anatomy and frame can comfortably and naturally fit.
In fact, choosing implants that are too big in width can cause them to fall into the underarms or spill into the center of the breasts and create the appearance of a uniboob.
On the other hand, if the implant width is suitable, but the patient requests more volume than is appropriate, the implant may have to project more and can produce a torpedo effect.

How to Choose the Best Size with Your Plastic Surgeon

While it’s important for patients in Chevy Chase, Maryland and Northern Virginia to clearly define their concerns and goals for their breast augmentation, they should also carefully consider the recommendations of their plastic surgeon.
Based on his expertise and thorough assessment of the patient’s breast width, tissue quality, skin elasticity, and amount of breast tissue, he will suggest a range of implant sizes.
Once these possible sizes are approved by the patient, the surgeon often selects the final size during surgery. Doing so, allows him to determine the absolute best fit for your body and achieve desired outcomes.

What’s an Implant Pocket and Why Is It Important?

While it’s easy to get fixated on breast implant size, the careful creation of the implant pocket, the space that the implant sits in, is equally as important.
In fact, when a pocket is too small, it can cause the implant to bunch and disrupt the smooth shape of the breasts. However, if the pocket is too big, the implant tends to float around, rise up to the collarbone, and sit to high on the chest.
That being said, this factor depends solely on the skill and talent of your plastic surgeon, which is why it’s essential to do your research and seek a physician that is board-certified and has extensive experience with breast augmentation.
If you are considering breast augmentation and want additional information on breast implant sizing, please call our office today to schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Navin Singh.