Is it too early to say our generation is defined by selfie culture?
Whether or not selfies really represent a cultural zeitgeist, it seems that they can help both patients and doctors right after surgery.
After undergoing plastic surgery, patients were asked to send a selfie to their plastic surgeon.
The results might surprise you.

They Felt a Whole Lot Better

A whopping 96.2 percent of patients who participated said they had a better post-op experience.
Why does it work?
Any sort of cosmetic services like Botox, dermal filler injections and of course plastic surgery, can induce anxiety in patients.
WebMD is already making it hard not to be a hypochondriac. But the small bruises, bumps and swelling are that much worse when you’ve just had surgery.
So doctors can hit two birds with one stone here. Not only can they allay patients’ concerns and tell them their recovery is going as intended, but they can actually use the pictures to tell if a complication really has happened.

Not to Mention It’s Convenient

Of course, it’s not as if patients were just left out to dry before selfies were invented.
But with so many new surgical and non-surgical treatments popping up, the selfie could just be the game-changer that makes you feel comfortable to actually try a procedure.
Previously, doctors would make sure to check up on patients with phone calls, and certain surgeries would require the patient to either stay overnight or come in for a checkup the next morning to make sure everything was okay.
Now the process can be streamlined for everyone involved. No overnights. No inconvenient checkups right after a surgery. Just click and send from the comfort of your own home and await a text back with the diagnosis.
This doesn’t mean we’re going to start doing physical exams digitally. But it is a new tool in doctors’ hands to help them manage the burgeoning field of cosmetic treatments.
Interested in a cosmetic treatment and excited to send your first post-op selfie? It’s important to know what kind of treatments there are and if you’re a good candidate.
In areas like Washington DC metropolitan areas like Rockville, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac and McLean, where people are always on the go, the plastic surgery selfies could certainly be huge in cutting out time that must be missed from work after a procedure is done.
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