Botox for men
There’s been more than a few turns of phrase that have been thrown around trying to convince men to actually try Botox.
This includes, yes, “Brotox,” and, interestingly enough “finance filler.”
Botox not actually being a dermal filler aside, there’s a very real stigma against men pursuing cosmetic treatment. There’s been a turnaround lately.
More and more men are, in spite of that, actually going in for procedures like Botox and filler.
In fact, last year, over 400,000 men got Botox–that’s about 10 percent of all Botox procedures.
One doctor recounts just 10 years ago only about five percent of her procedures were men. Now it’s something like 15-20 percent.

A Corporate Edge

So why are men feeling the pressure for injectables? They’re looking for that corporate edge, apparently.
While wanting to look more youthful is a trait usually associated with women, men in the corporate world want to look more relaxed.
Essentially, they want to give off that air of relaxed confidence.
This is in total contrast to the notorious image of Botox and “frozen faces.” In fact, a relaxed face is the exact opposite of what people imagine with Botox.
But that’s exactly what Botox does. Especially in the hands of a skilled physician who knows where to apply it.

No One Will Ever Know

Botox done properly flies under the radar. Rather than having any suspicion that someone had any procedure done, ideally, those around you should simply think you’re having a good day.
A good day every day.
Want to know if Botox is right for you?
If you’re interested in the procedure, and want to know if it can be performed surreptitiously–whether to look young to your friends or to gain an edge in the corporate world, talk to your general physician to find out more.
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