Belly Button Surgery: All About the New Celebrity Trend

We carry our babies inside our bodies for the better part of 10 months, we labor, we birth. We love the new tiny lives we create, we kiss fingers and noses. We delight in the giggles and cuddles, even through sleepless nights.

In the process of all that love, our bodies become a battle zone. Stretch marks, loose skin, and that pooch that never really goes away. And those are just the casualties you can see in a bikini!

The Road to Rejuvenation

It’s a long, hard road to get your pre-baby body back after giving birth. Even if you manage to lose the pooch, your abdominal skin never fully returns to its pre-baby glory.

And your beloved belly button takes the hardest beating of all. The skin surrounding the navel is delicate and tends to change shape, appearance, and even color during pregnancy.

While surgery may not be a substitute for a healthy lifestyle and exercise, there are a few procedures out there which may make the journey a tad easier when you’re ready!

Belly Button Surgery

Medically referred to as umbilicoplasty, this procedure removes only the excess skin surrounding the belly button without leaving a scar to reduce the size and increase the firmness of the surrounding skin. This is also an excellent option if you’re cute little innie has emerged as an outie post-baby.

Another excellent option made famous recently by Kim Kardashian West is laser resurfacing of the skin surrounding the navel. The results of this procedure are usually less noticeable and is probably best used to correct discolorations or smoothing texture of the belly button skin.

Laser resurfacing may not undo the typical damage and changes from pregnancy like loose or distorted skin, but is a tangible option for skin rejuvenation.

Are you ready to do something about your post-baby belly button? Call our office in Chevy Chase, Maryland or McLean, Virginia today!