The Spectrum Multi-Platform Laser

As the flagship product of Rohrer Aesthetics, the Spectrum Multi-Platform Laser/IPL System is a multi-platform work station that includes 4-lasers and an IPL.

The Spectrum includes the following components:

    • 810-Diode | Hair Removal

The 810-Diode is a lightweight delivery system and glides on any anatomic location, making it the perfect hair removal equipment. The pulse repetition rate can be adjusted, allowing large and small areas to be treated fast and effectively.

    • Intense Pulsed Light(IPL)

The intense pulsed light is specifically designed to perform various skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic uses. It includes four filters that can be used for a myriad of non-ablative procedures such as hair removal, photo rejuvenation, the removal and reduction of vascular and pigmented lesions, and the reduction of active acne. IPL leaves patients with healthy and more youthful skin.

    • Q-Switched Yag/KTP | Tattoo Removal

The Q-switched Yag laser comes in two different wavelengths: 1064nm and 532nm. The dual wavelengths remove a wide array of tattoo pigments, wherein the 1064nm removes or reduces most dark-colored tattoo inks. On the other hand, the 532 nm removes or reduces the most vibrant-colored tattoo inks. The ink is broken down into small particles where the body’s immune system can naturally flush them away.

    • Long Pulsed Yag | Vascular Reduction

The Long Pulsed Yag laser penetrates through the skin and is readily absorbed by hemoglobin and melanin chromophores (veins and vascular lesions). It removes unsightly facial veins and small vascular lesions from any area of the body. Its energy heats and damages blood vessels, causing them to collapse.

    • Erbium Yag | Skin Resurfacing

The Erbium Yag has a high-affinity absorption for water. This skin resurfacing laser helps improve a variety of conditions such as sun damage, scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. It is the treatment of choice for patients wanting to achieve dramatic improvement in their skin’s appearance with minimal downtime.

The Pixel8-RF Laser

Pixel8-RF is a minimally invasive micro-needling system designed to deliver radio frequency energy deep within the dermis to dramatically tighten and rejuvenate the skin. This combines the latest advancement in micro-needling and radio frequency technologies to heat and stimulate collagen. This treatment can be used on all areas of the body with minimal downtime.

Treatment areas on the face can include:
– Non-surgical face lifting
– Wrinkle reduction
– Skin tightening
– Skin rejuvenation (whitening)
– Pore reduction
– Acne scars
– Scars

Treatment areas on the body can include:
– Scars
– Hyperhidrosis
– Stretch marks
– Spider veins
– Cellulite

The Rohrer Aesthetics Difference

With Rohrer Aesthetics, clients can rest assured to get the best value for their money. Their products guarantee the best results for a range of aesthetics and therapeutic services, including laser hair removal, tattoo removal, skin resurfacing, vascular reduction, IPL, and RF micro-needling.

Here at Washingtonian Plastic Surgery, we value quality and customer satisfaction. We aim to give nothing but the best in terms of the services and products we provide. Contact one of our locations to schedule an appointment.

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