Amber Rose Opens Up About Plastic Surgery

Model and actress Amber Rose is doing something different. Earlier this year, she underwent breast reduction surgery in addition to a cellulite procedure on her legs and rear.

Not that strange, right?

What’s different is that she’s talking openly about it on social media, posting photos and updates on Instagram of her recovery. By being open and public about her experience, Amber Rose is doing two things: she is removing a shroud of secrecy surrounding plastic surgery, and bringing awareness to the health aspects of certain procedures, particularly breast reduction.

No Longer A Secret

Up until recently, celebrity plastic surgery has been taboo, only up for speculation by tabloids. Celebrities like Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian have brought a conversation to the dinner table that most people have behind closed doors, helping to eliminate judgement from undergoing these procedures in the first place.

By being open about her procedures, she has removed much of the thunder from tabloid speculation, and let’s be honest, nobody likes that.

Here’s to Your Health

More importantly, Amber Rose is calling attention to the health benefits of breast reduction surgery. Many women who pursue reduction surgery are attempting to reduce back pain or wear certain types of clothes again, consequently to help their mental health as well.

Breast reduction surgery was the eighth most popular procedure for women (and the second most popular for men) in 2016, according to a report by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Amber Rose’s experiences emphasize to a wide audience that plastic surgery is multi-purpose. In addition to allowing a person to have greater control over their aesthetics, it is also an important component of health care for many people.

Amber Rose’s breast reduction procedure has emphasized that plastic surgery should be used to make yourself the way you want to be. Not just as a method to increase but also decrease for one’s own health or comfort.

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