We typically think of laser hair removal as a cosmetic treatment for women, but there are men out there who believe there’s such a thing as too much hair. While some level of body hair is desirable for most men, many feel that overgrowth on the back or chest in particular can be embarrassing. Whether it be in the arms, the back or chest, or the brows, men wanting the hair on their body reduced isn’t an uncommon thing. Our office offers laser hair removal for men and women in Northern Virginia and Washington DC.

Too much shaving

Another reason men and women give for wanting laser hair removal is wanting a big reduction on shaving. It can be, frankly, inconvenient. Laser hair removal provides a permanent solution, where hair follicles on the body are targeted without harming the surrounding skin.
So what’s a guy or girl to do? Electrolysis is an option — but it can be painful.
That’s where lasers come in.
The Vectus Laser is a fast-acting laser with dynamic cooling that can treat a large area like the back in just ten minutes.

The laser hair removal procedure

While topical anesthesia isn’t required, it’s available for patients if they request it. The procedure starts with the technician cutting the hair to increase the accuracy of the procedure.
A gel will be applied to the skin before the laser is used in order the facilitate the process of the laser clearing away the unwanted hair. Patients are provided with goggles to avoid the laser harming their eyes.

What’s recovery like after laser hair removal?

Like many cosmetic treatments, men might suffer from some discomfort after the procedure. Ice packs can aid in the recovery period.
The procedure has no downtime and patients can return to regular activities immediately — though they should avoid exposure to the sun.
Laser hair removal requires multiple treatments to get full results — usually about four or six sessions, with some touch-ups after the procedure.
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