For many people contemplating top surgery, possible scarring and loss of nipple sensation are two important considerations.
Double Incision Top Surgery offers patients in Northern Virginia a way to achieve a more masculine chest appearance, with only two incisions. This technique also requires resizing and grafting of the nipple areolar complex.
Continue reading to learn all about Double Incision Top Surgery in Northern Virginia, including how it’s performed and what patients can expect from recovery.

What is Double Incision Top Surgery?

Double Incision Top Surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that uses two incisions, instead of three, to remove breast tissue and reshape the chest for a more masculine appearance.
The procedure is typically conducted under general anesthesia and takes approximately two-to-four hours. It is well-suited to individuals who are medium to large chested.

How is Double Incision Top Surgery Performed?

During Double Incision Top Surgery, two horizontal incisions are made – at the top and bottom of the pectoral muscle. This allows the surgeon the remove breast tissue and contour the chest. Liposuction may also be performed to remove localized fat deposits.
Additionally, the nipple areolar complex is surgically excised, which severs the nipple stalk and nerve. It is then resized and grafted on the chest.

What Can Patients Expect from Double Incision Top Surgery Recovery?

Following Double Incision Top Surgery, patients will have two drains that will need to be emptied several times a day. Drains are usually removed within a few days to a week.
Individuals will also be instructed to wear a compression binder for one-to-six weeks. This garment limits fluid build-up, minimizes scarring, and helps tissue contract.
In most cases, patients are able to return to work and normal activities two weeks after undergoing Double Incision Top Surgery. However, they must avoid heavy lifting, weight training, and raising their arms above their head for six-to-eight weeks – or unless otherwise advised by their plastic surgeon.

Considering Double Incision Top Surgery?

If you are interested in Double Incision Top Surgery in Northern Virginia, please call our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Navin Singh.