Dr. Stanley Biber is a renown surgeon who is credited with making Trinidad, CO the sex change surgery capital.
He started performing gender confirmation surgeries at Mt. San Rafael Hospital in Trinidad in 1969 and continued his work until 2003.
Continue reading to learn all about Dr. Biber’s journey, and why he is revered by patients around the world.

How Did Dr. Biber Pioneer Sex Change Surgery in Trinidad, CO?

Dr. Stanley Biber’s foray into gender confirmation surgery began while working at Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War. There, he became known for treating soldiers who’d suffered significant damage to their lower bodies, including their reproductive organs, bowels, and urinary tract.
Post-war, he went on to work as a general surgeon at United Mine Workers in Trinidad. In 1969, one of his patients asked if Dr. Biber could perform sex change surgery.
Since he had never attempted the procedure before, Dr. Biber sought guidance from an experienced surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital. The surgeon provided Dr. Biber with diagrams he drew by hand, depicting the surgical technique for gender reassignment.
Using these instructions, Dr. Biber was able to successfully perform the operation. As more and more patients learned of his capabilities, he earned a reputation as a gifted surgeon who was willing to help transgender patients when other doctors and hospitals would not.
This notoriety led to a flourishing specialty practice, where Dr. Biber would sometimes complete up to 4 gender confirmation surgeries per week. He continued to offer male-to-female and female-to-male transition surgeries at Mt. San Rafael Hospital in Trinidad until 2003, when he could no longer obtain liability insurance.
Dr. Biber passed away 3 years later in 2006, but his legacy for pioneering sex change surgery and making Trinidad the “sex-change capital” lives on.

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