Radiesse for Hands
It’s somewhat ironic that when people are considering rejuvenation treatments to “turn back the hands of time,” they overlook an important area–the hands.
While many patients may wonder how to get rid of hand wrinkles, they aren’t always lead down the right path for correcting volume loss.
Perhaps it is the fact that rejuvenating a patients hands with dermal filler takes a skilled injector, and many practitioners don’t want to risk a complication.
Radiesse is a popular dermal filler used in the face, but it is also one of the best products used for correcting volume loss in the back of the hands and shows incredible results in just one treatment.
In an episode of the popular Younger Games show presented by Harper’s BAZAARDr. Sachin Shridharani demonstrated how you can improve the appearance of your aging hands with Radiesse, which is the only dermal filler proven to immediately restore volume loss in the back of hands for smooth, natural-looking results.
Radiesse is the first and only filler deemed safe and effective by the FDA to correct lost volume in hands.


  • Restoring Lost Volume
  • Minimizing the Visibility of Veins & Tendons
  • Providing a Smooth Natural Result

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