Just like in Terminator 2, where the already scary T-600 was replaced by the sleeker, even more terrifying T-1000, we may just be about to see a longer lasting Botox 2.0.
The neuromodulator RT002 could very well give you longer lasting results when you turn to Botox-type injectables, and reduce the amount of visits you take to the doctor.

So Where Are We Right Now?

Right now, Botox injections last from three to five months. You can maintain results by going to the doctor regularly for maintenance sessions.
This is, in fact, part of Botox’s charm. That no matter how displeased you are with your Botox job, you can always wait for the effects to wear off.
That would still be true for the new, longer lasting Botox, but a little less so, given its impressive average staying power of six months.
So the choice is up to patients. For those who know their doctor well, and know exactly what they want, this can be a god send. Reducing doctor visits from four times a year to two times a year will always be nice on the wallet.

Even More Promise in the Future

More than that, doctors are looking into the other therapeutic uses of RT002. This includes possibly treating plantar fasciitis (that horrible pain in the heel when you go running) or even cervical dystonia. With a lack of animal products too, the new formulation may appeal to a wider audience.
Unfortunately, you can’t go and run to get this product just yet, as the product is still in testing. Furthermore, it’s impossible to project at the moment how much the product will actually cost — so those saved dollars may, at least upon release, be elusive.
Regardless, the future is looking quite bright for Botox practitioners and aficionados alike.
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