It’s the New Year, so it’s a good time to make a resolution to take care of your skin.
But unfortunately, the time of the year to start making promises to ourselves also coincides with the hardest time to take care of our skin: the dead middle of Winter.
Here’s some basic resolutions you can make to yourself to take care of that skin.

1. Exfoliate Your Skin

Hopefully you’re doing a good job of this already, but in the winter it’s especially imperative.
Keep your skin not only healthy but radiant by clearing out those dead skin cells.

2. Shave in a Way That’s Gentle on Your Skin

While it’s tempting to stash away that razor for the winter (after all, who likes doing it?) it’s important to keep it up if not only because it helps remove dead skin cells.
Just make sure you’re using a gentle razor and not one that’s abrasive on your sensitive, Winter skin.

3. Use Gentle Cleansers

Once again, especially important in the winter time. Avoid anything with alcohol in it, and try not to use anything soap based.

4. Make Sure to Put on That Moisturizer!

At the very least, do it because it feels good! Keep that moisture sealed in and keep your skin lush, or take the dry chill of winter upon thy face and keep thy silence.

5. Make an Effort to Cater to Your Skin Type

It’s time to stop just buying the first product on the shelf. We all have different skin types and different skin needs. Dry complexion? Buy oil-based products? Oily complexion? Avoid them like the plague.

6. If You Get a Self-Tan… Make Some Adjustments

Self-tans can be great, especially as winter renders as pale. But know that you’ll need to make up for it in exfoliation and moisturizing.

7. Eat Well and Sleep Well

Ah, the golden rule we could all do to follow. True basically any time of year, but especially true for your beauty, make sure you get in your veggies and eight hours! More than just your skin, your entire body will thank you.
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