What’s Ultherapy, and what makes this procedure so popular in the Washington DC-metro area?
You may not have heard the news, but Ultherapy just hit a million procedures performed.
It’s a skin lifting and tightening procedure–Kim and Kourtney Kardashian swear by it–that can achieve some of the effects of a facelift, but non-invasively.

The Science Behind Ultherapy

The revolutionary technology behind Ultherapy is actually ultrasounds. In case you weren’t paying attention in science class, ultrasounds simply refer to sound waves with frequencies higher than what humans are capable of hearing.
These high frequency waves in Ultherapy bypass the surface of the skin. Contrast this with lasers which cannot simply bypass the skin.
Ultherapy delivers the precise amounts of energy at an exact depth, at a specified temperature. Thus, the procedure is much more precise than other collagen rejuvenating procedures.
The end result for the patient is smoothed out wrinkles, a more radiant face and overall a more youthful look.

How Does the Ultherapy Procedure Feel?

Like many non-invasive therapies of its type, the Ultherapy procedure, when performed correctly, should only cause mild discomfort in the patient.
It is a relatively short procedure, with little downtime. But immediately after the procedure the patient should expect some bruising and swelling.
As this bruising and swelling goes away, the patient should start to see the results of the procedure: particularly the skin tightening effect.

Is Ultherapy Right for Me?

In considering Ultherapy, potentially versus other collagen rejuvenating options, the patient should consider that Ultherapy is the only cosmetic procedure to use ultrasounds to achieve its results.
At least in theory, of all the cosmetic procedures meant to create “precise damage” to induce collagen production, Ultherapy should be able to achieve the most precise results–because the ultrasounds bypass the skin entirely.
But of course, it all depends on the patient and doctor.
In order to achieve the best results, patients are encouraged to do their own research. They should consult with their general physician.
And they should talk at length with a specialist like Dr. Navin Singh at Washingtonian Plastic Surgery to see if the procedure is right for them.
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