Top 10 Places To Consider Liposuction


What Our Patients Are Saying About This Procedure:
Dr. Singh, I love you! The difference is so noticeable already. I was used to being ‘hippy’ but when I go to put my hands on my hips…. there’s no extra jiggle there anymore. You are amazing. You changed my wardrobe and my life.
-I.K., Reston, VA
I went to a MediSpa first–and the doctor wasn’t even a board-certified plastic surgeon.  The facility wasn’t accredited.  It’s like going to a medical back alley dressed up as a spa.  I ran–it was too much of a factory — meet the doctor, get lipo, leave, never follow-up with the same person.  The cost was comparable for laser lipo with your office, and the quality was huge!  I feel lucky to have found you guys.  Keep up the good work.
-M.N., PG County, MD

Healthy and athletic individuals often find one or two areas on their body that are very hard to define. The best diets and exercise routines may not resolve their personal goals. For this type of patient, liposuction is a great option!

Read about our Top 10 Places To Consider Liposuction:

Love Handles– We love the skin you are in…but wait…that extra is a whole lot more handle. Still feeling the love? Both men and women find this area one of the most dramatic before and after results. By removing the side bags, the body naturally contours toward the stomach and the results are exceptionally slimming.

Breasts – Thinking about a breast reduction? Depending on how much you want removed, the desired shape of the outcome, liposuction may be a good fit. Every woman is unique so it is best to evaluate your goals with the best option. Why not consider liposuction?

Inner Thighs– Thigh gaps are a thing of fiction but for many women it is the contouring of the inner thigh that best redefines their legs. Long legs are appear statuesque by leading the eyes to the free spaces. By utilizing liposuction, results can be stunning.

Neck– Excess fat on the face can age you prematurely.  Both men and women feel a huge surge of confidence with a more defined neckline. Liposuction is a viable option for many.

Arms– The right to Bare arms! Arms should show your muscle strength, bare arms are easily achieved with liposuction and removal of unwanted fat deposits.

Chin– A soft chin line on a woman and an angular chin line on men help define our sense of beauty and even trust. Such a small change can make a huge difference for appearance and perception. Liposuction may be an easy choice before considering a facelift or more invasive surgery options.

Flanks– Flanks curve around the side to the back; your flanks may carry the heaviest portion of unwanted weight gain or excess fatty tissue. Liposuction is most commonly used in defining and eliminating the excess baggage that is carried in this body zone.  For men, we create an athletic V-cut and for women we create a beautiful S- curve.  (Adage goes: Straight line of Duty for Men, Curved Lines of Beauty for Women)

Ankles/Cankles– Where cankles are concerned the worst news is boot shopping! Not only is footwear challenging, but also swelling can impede comfort and confidence. Liposuction can help remove the excess ankle weights and create a dramatic slimming of the contour.

Gynecomastia/Man Boobs– Many men develop excess fat around the mammary tissue on their chest. The result is often referred to as Man Boobs and can be embarrassing and hinder the desire to participate in athletic, romantic, and public interaction. There is help; liposuction is a safe and easy way to discreetly address a problem zone with minimal recovery time, leading to confidence in the locker room, at the beach, or in bed.

Body Contouring– Chiseled Muscular Definition, some areas are harder to define than others. Treatments can both enhance and create more masculine lines of definition by sculpting the body strategically with Liposuction.

Liposuction may be the right choice for you. If you are interested in learning more through a free consultation with Dr. Singh call 888-903-2362 to schedule an evaluation.