Holiday Plastic Surgery
The holidays are the actually the perfect time to go in for cosmetic treatment.
Sound like slick marketing? Maybe. But hear us out, if you were considering treatment anyway.
There’s a few functional reasons why the timing works out. It’s not just the fact that this is the time of the year to splurge on yourself a bit.
But it’s also the only part of the year when most adults will consistently have the downtime to recover from more involved procedures.
Moreso, the holidays mean colder temperatures (though that hasn’t always been true this year) and that means more time spent inside–which is more time for you to recover without your pesky friends inquiring why you’ve got that shawl on.
Just kidding.

Some Holiday Procedures For You

So what procedures do people like to get around the holidays? Well, generally, people do prefer procedures that are one and done without much downtime. That of course means Botox in Falls Church, VA and dermal fillers in Northern Virginia, though skin rejuvenation treatments are popular as well.
To augment the effects of your procedure, it might be a good time of year to try out a new skincare routine to combat the cold. That means getting your moisturizer on, with perhaps some hyaluronic acid, and all your vitamins for your face too.

Plastic Surgeries You Might Consider

And of course, there are the more involved plastic surgeries. As with any time of year, breast augmentations are the most popular plastic surgery during the holidays.
The holidays are a good chance to get involved plastic surgeries and recover during vacation time.
It goes the other way too, with breast reduction surgery being a very popular procedure to get around the holidays.
Finally, liposuction, and all sort of lifts (face lifts, neck lifts…) are popular surgeries to perform around this time as well.
Interested in Holiday cosmetic treatment? Call Washingtonian Plastic Surgery for more options and information.