Lip Lift McLean
What’s a lip lift? We’ve all heard of lip filler and facial lifts, but a lip lift is a relatively less known procedure.
Actually, there are two very similar procedures that are both called lip lifts.

Upper Lip Lift and Corner Lip Lift

Ever heard of keeping a stiff upper lip? It means having lips that don’t tremble in the face of adversity.
But some people aren’t happy with the look of their upper lip. Primarily, there’s not quite enough pink compared to the area between the nose and the lip.
An Upper Lip Lift shortens the distance of that area, leading to fuller looking lips due to the exposure of more of the lip.
Plus, if you’ve had lip filler, you may have experienced a more “ducky” looking pout. An Upper Lip Lift goes a long way in correcting this look by “pulling” the upper lip upward and reducing the appearance of tension around the mouth.
A Corner Lip Lift is for those who feel that they have a frowny face, doing what the name implies: lifting the corners of the mouth.

Good Candidates for These Procedures

So how does the lip lift work? Essentially, a small strip of skin is removed and the lip is ‘lifted up’ to a new position. No muscles or nerves are cut.
With age, the pink of the lip often disappears as skin starts to sag, but anyone with thin lips might be a good candidate for the procedure.
Good candidacy for the procedure can be measured by how much your ‘upper lip space’ differs from the average. Females have a space about 1-1.2 cm, while males have a space from 1.3 to 1.5.
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