It can be an extremely uncomfortable topic for young and older woman. Any woman coming into their adolescence is likely to experience self-consciousness — and sometimes low self-esteem. Our bodies grow and change during this period of our lives, sometimes in surprising ways. But parents may not know how to respond to their teenager asking them about a labiaplasty. The problem is, that’s exactly what’s happening more and more: young women are asking about labiaplasties and requesting them from parents.

What exactly is happening?

You might be wondering why this surge is happening. Most of us are aware of the ways media, and now social media, can lead us to have distorted views of our body.
First, sometimes the particularly fit and beautiful people who populate popular media create unhealthy expectations. Second, social media has a way of creating a sense of ‘normalcy’ that, while not true, leads young women in particular to be judgmental towards their bodies.
Because of admirable trends to normalize conversation about women’s health, their sexual health and their genitalia in particular, procedures like vaginal rejuvenation are becoming both more common and more ostensible. And while this is a laudable thing, it has had the unfortunate side effect of leading more and more young women to view their own bodies as abnormal.

How to Answer Questions About Labiaplasty

The fact of the matter is, vaginal rejuvenation is almost never a good idea for teenagers. These young women are still developing. Their bodies are not going to reach a full state of maturity for many years — not until their early 20s.
So, for more than a few reasons it’s heavily discouraged. For one, in the emotionally tumultuous times of teenaged life, a young woman might be rashly judgmental toward herself in ways she’ll grow out of. Second, because their bodies are still changing, they may physically change in ways they find appealing by the time they’re fully physically matured.
But most importantly, cosmetic surgery at this point in their lives may change the path of their physical maturation — and typically, not for the better.
So, if your teenager is asking about labiaplasty, let them have a frank talk with a cosmetic surgeon. One who’s both thoroughly honest but able to relate to the teen’s issues.
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