What’s a cleft chin? If you have a prominent crease at the front of your chin–that’s cleft chin.
It’s perfectly normal to have, and typically a result of genetics, but many can find them unflattering.
Here are a few options you might have if you want to get rid of cleft chin.

1. Dermal Fillers

This is probably the lowest investment option to minimizing the appearance of cleft chin.
Basically, dermal filler is used to fill in the gap. Where the injection goes depends on the specifics of the cleft chin.
The positives? Easy, affordable, accessible and reversible. The downside is that it’s temporary.

2. Fat Grafting

A more permanent and very similar solution is fat grafting. Think of fat as a permanent filler, taken from the belly.
The main issue with fat grafting is that it might actually make your chin look bigger.
Talk to your plastic surgeon to figure out if this is the right solution for you.

3. Botox

That’s right–Botox strikes once again. You might wonder what muscles have to do with cleft chin, but it’s actually simple. By neuromodulating the muscles of the chin, the prominence of the cleft can be reduced.
It might not be your first go-to option, especially with fillers on the table. But Botox combined with fillers might be a particularly effective combination for getting rid of cleft chin.

4. Genioplasty

And a genioplasty is your hardest hitting option–the surgical one. Both the jaw bone and the chin muscles are affected, and a chin implant might also be used.
No incision is visible, but of course surgery involves the longer recovery time that typically accompanies a more invasive procedure. If you don’t believe that the previous three methods will be sufficient, then surgery might be your best option.
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