Plastic Surgery Rockville
Plastic surgery can go wrong.
If pop culture hasn’t educated us on this horrific possibility, then any surgeon worth their salt can tell you there’s such a thing as a failed plastic surgery.
But why do these occur and what can be done about them?

Poor Judgment

Failed plastic surgeries are the result of poor judgment. Aesthetic changes to the body require a holistic appraisal of the patient. Have they had plastic surgery before? How old are they? What are the characteristics of their skin–what’s the best procedure and equipment to achieve what the patient wants?
A failed plastic surgery can occur because a doctor may not understand what a patient wants. That’s why good communication and frank dialogue between a doctor and patient is a must: plastic surgery is simply not something that can be done with a “one-size-fits-all” approach.
Okay, so a patient has experienced a failed plastic surgery, and is unhappy with the way they look. What can be done?

Corrective Plastic Surgery

Thankfully, there is a chance to undo the mistakes of a previous plastic surgery. Be forewarned, any patient looking to undergo corrective plastic surgery must be even more prudent in choosing a doctor to aid their aesthetic needs.
The steps that go into choosing a doctor involve, first off, making sure the doctor has the necessary accreditation to their name. Beyond that, basic research on the reputation of doctors on a site like RealSelf can go a long way in filtering and choosing doctors.
More than that, find a doctor who will listen to you and answer any questions you have. Ask them how comfortable they are with the procedure, and make sure they’re willingly to thoroughly walk you through the technical aspects.
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