Competing in pageants requires significant commitment – from buying gowns, to hiring professional hair and makeup artists, to working with the best coaches.
Now, some women are turning to breast augmentations and nose jobs in order to improve their chances of winning. In fact, plastic surgery for pageants is becoming increasingly common among the most devoted contestants.
Continue reading to learn why so many women are willing to take such extreme measures in order to earn the crown.

Why Are Women Having Plastic Surgery for Pageants?

Although pageants typically include interviews with judges, community service platforms, and on-stage questions, there’s no denying that there’s still a strong physical component to these competitions.
As a result, some contestants are being encouraged by their coaches to undergo plastic surgery for pageants. They advise that certain cosmetic enhancements can refine facial features and accentuate curves to give their contestant a competitive advantage.
It’s worth noting that some competitions provide free plastic surgery for pageants. This offer can be hard to resist, even though contestants may know nothing about the provider’s qualifications or background.

What Are the Most Popular Procedures for Pageant Contestants?

In order to stand out in the evening gown and swimsuit competitions, some pageant contests are electing to have breast surgery (augmentation, reduction, and/or lift) and liposuction.
Rhinoplasty, which reshapes the nose and improves facial harmony, is another popular procedure in the world of pageants.

How to Decide if Plastic Surgery is Right for You

While some women are amenable to undergoing plastic surgery in order to win, others question making permanent changes for a pageant that’s one night of their lives.
Accordingly, it’s important for pageant contestants and anyone considering plastic surgery to carefully assess their motivations and confirm that they are undergoing treatment for themselves.
They should also ensure that they are being treated by a skilled and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, that will take care to thoroughly explain the procedure process, risks, expected results, and anticipated recovery.
Most of all, you should only consider plastic surgery if you are emotionally and physically prepared and want to improve the way you look and feel for years to come.
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