Washingtonian Plastic Surgery is proud to announce that Dr. Singh has been voted “Best Brazilian Butt Lift” surgeon in the latest edition of Modern Luxury. His dedication and expertise are once again being recognized by a publication set on reporting and identifying industry leaders.

About the Honor

Modern Luxury asked its readers to submit the best luxury businesses in the region. This was a great opportunity for consumers in the area to rate their experiences at a variety of local businesses and with a variety of industry professionals. Compared to the various Brazilian butt lift surgeons in the area, Dr. Singh was voted the greatest. 

The results for this have been available online since June but will be made available in print in Modern Luxury DC’s July/August issue. 

Why This Honor is Significant

This honor helps potential clients reach us and reassures them that our clinic can give them the best results possible. It can also instill a sense of trust in our clients because they know we will take fantastic care of them. This honor also reassures us that our business is providing wonderful and life-changing results for our patients. Honors like this one help to motivate us to continue to be the greatest that we can be!

Contact Us

If you have been considering undergoing plastic surgery treatment or would like to book an appointment with Dr. Singh, you can contact us on our website or call us at any time.