We are proud to announce that one of our own, Dr. Navin Singh, has been selected as one of the best plastic surgeons in the country by Newsweek. As a company, it is amazing for us to see Dr. Singh’s hard work and attention to detail be nationally recognized.

About This Honor

Dr. Navin Singh was one of the 150 top doctors out of over 8,000 board-certified plastic surgeons nationwide selected as best in liposuction. This is indeed a great honor to be selected in the top 1% of board-certified plastics surgeons in the entire United States.

The Selection Process

Newsweek utilized Statista Inc. to collect global market research and customer reviews and data to help the selection process. Additionally, plastic surgeons were prompted to recommend their colleagues and then rank them compared to other plastic surgeons. This process allowed data to be combined with personal experience to select the best surgeons in each category. 

Why These Lists Are Useful

Lists like this one created by Newsweek are incredibly important, especially for potential plastic surgery patients. Too often, patients go in for a plastic surgery procedure and come out of the surgery unhappy or with a less than satisfactory result. This list was created to help potential plastic surgery patients avoid disastrous results by providing a comprehensive assortment of highly-rated surgeons across the country. Patients can now refer to this list when finding a plastic surgeon, making their surgeon selection process safer and less stressful. The full list of surgeons is available on Newsweek’s website here. 

Contact Us

If you have been considering undergoing plastic surgery treatment or would like to book an appointment with Dr. Singh, you can contact us on our website or call us at any time.