CoolSculpting McLean
Debra Messing hasn’t been shy about her use of CoolSculpting to go the last mile in keeping thin. Certainly, at 49, the actress looks amazing–enough to look pretty amazing as Marjorie Houseman in the new Dirty Dancing remake.
So it’s no surprise that Allergan decided sit down with her and “Break the Ice” in a panel where each speaker could share their own CoolSculpting experiences.

The Unbrrreivable Origins of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting has its origins from a rather strange story involving scientists, children, and popicles.
One of the panel members, Brad Hauser, a Vice President for R&D and General Manager for CoolSculpting, shared the story: two scientists happened to be reading a case report of a phenomenon called “popsicle panniculitis.”
Essentially, kids who ate popsicles had a tendency to develop dimples.
The scientists came to the conclusion that the popsicles were causing inflammation in the subcutaneous fat — and actually killing the fat cells, causing dimples!
And thus the unlikely origins for CoolSculpting, which would be based in this basic principle: fat tissue is more sensitive to changes in temperature than other parts of the body.

CoolSculpting in Practice

Also on the panel was Dr. Ellen Marmur, a dermatologist. As she puts it, patients experience about 20 percent reduction of fat cells in the area that’s treated.
Meanwhile Debra Messing put it in a way most people could relate to.
“I am proud of y body and I work hard to maintain a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, but let’s face it — everyone has those stubborn areas that resist all of your hard work.”
Which might be the real ethos of CoolSculpting. While diet and exercise will cause a global reduction in fat, CoolSculpting can be applied to specific parts of your body and induce spot reduction- leading to a contouring of the body that diet and exercise simply cannot achieve alone.
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