Botox for Teens


There’s a little bit of a debate going on about whether teens should be allowed to use Botox.
Now, this might seem like a slam dunk win for ‘no.’
Especially because CEO of Allergan Brent Saunders has seen fit to throw his weight on that side. But some practitioners in the field disagree.

Exceptions and Good Judgment

It’s easy to see Saunders’ point of view: teenagers are generally not mature enough to make these types of long-term decisions, and, at any rate, their faces haven’t fully finished developing yet. It makes sense to simply wait a few years and, if they still find themselves committed to the treatment, then have at it.
But practitioners like Jeanine B. Downie from New Jersey disagree. There are, first off, common cases where Botox in Arlington, VA for teens might be worthwhile. For example, if sun damage has caused premature wrinkling, or if the teen has certain overactive facial muscles.

Some Other Arguments

Not letting teens get Botox is probably the safe decision. But it’s probably worth fully hearing out the other side.
These are things that won’t simply “clear up” in one’s 20s. And this generation is a great deal more educated about fillers and cosmetic treatment in general because of the Internet.
Considering they’re making a decision about facial structures that would still be around in a few years, when they’d be allowed to have the treatment, it can be unreasonable to arbitrarily stop them from receiving the treatment.
Perhaps most pertinent is that, well, high school may just be the hardest stage there is. A boost of confidence at a young age can be a big deal, frankly.
What are your thoughts on the matter? Are you a young individual interested in cosmetic treatment, but not sure if you’re too young for it?
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