Younger and younger individuals are pursuing cosmetic treatment.
Whether that’s plastic surgery, or nonsurgical procedures such as chemical peels or fillers, there’s also an uptick in the sheer number of younger patients.
Many of them are teens.
This alone need not be alarming. After all, a teen going for microdermabrasion isn’t quite the same thing as a teen getting a rhinoplasty. But, in general, here are some guidelines for ethically treating teens.

Make Sure You Have Some “Real Talk”

Let’s be frank. Teens are not quite old enough to make these decisions. Have a real talk with them, and make sure their guardians are involved.

Chemical Peels and Laser Therapy Are Fine

Even though acne goes away for many after hormones balance out, it can still be a crippling self-esteem issue. For these cases, skin rejuvenation therapy such as chemical peels and laser therapy are okay.

Botox and Fillers Are Discouraged

Botox and fillers are fairly noninvasive procedures, but an individual’s face hasn’t even come close to fully maturing. Except for extreme circumstances, avoid these treatments.

No Breast Augmentation for Girls Under 18. For 18-22, Use Saline

This one sort of explains itself.

Breast Reduction, Rehshaping, or Implants for Congenital Deformities Are Reasonable

Of course there are exceptions. And with proper counseling and consultation, these kinds of corrections are okay.

Gynecomastia Is Another Exception

Gynecomastia is a condition that could subside as a teen male goes through puberty. But if it does not, it can also be treated.

Otoplasty Should Be Performed Early

Unlike the other items on this list, this one occurs pretty early. The ears are almost fully grown fairly early in one’s life. Thus this surgery can be performed before the age when bullying might start.

Rhinoplasty in Certain Cases

Rhinoplasties should be done only for functional, traumatic, or significant cosmetic deformities. They should be performed when patients reach growth spurt lag.

Liposuction Is Almost Never Recommended

Instead, teens should be recommended to do proper diet, exercise, and nutritional counseling.

Find a Surgeon With Empathy and Judgment

Most importantly, teens should find a surgeon with their best interest at heart.
A surgeon with both the empathy to understand the emotional complexities of the situation and the judgment and expertise to pragmatically assess the situation.
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