The biggest problem from breast augmentation surgery is the scars that are present post-surgery, although the scar can be very tiny small and unnoticed.
But could there be a new way to perform breast surgery that leaves virtually no scars at all? Find out the fact or fiction about invisible scars with boob jobs by our expert plastic surgeon in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

Technological Advances in Boob Jobs: Fact or Fiction?

According to plastic surgeons in Europe the “invisible boob job” now exists, and are being performed, but at what cost? The “invisible boob job,” is a procedure uses a special controlled funnel, called the keller, to allow plastic surgeons to place the implants through a very precise hole that’s about the size of a dime.
Because this special funnel doesn’t require a wider incision point, which we can easily place in the crease of the breast or nipple, there is typically almost no scar visible.

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But, not every doctor is on board with this so-called “invisible” boob job operation, and many in the US are calling it downright hoax.
“An invisible boob job is a total gimmick! The reality is, we have are consistently pushing the limits, especially over the last 10 years, to smaller and shorter incisions.  Our incisions for many breast augmentations is around 1 inch, and hidden under the breast crease or disguised around the nipple, or the armpit, depending on the patient’s life-style preference” says Washington DC plastic surgeon Dr. Navin Singh. “This is still surgery, and by that fact alone, there will always be a tiny scar, and by virtue of that, it will NEVER EVER be invisible.”
Dr. Singh further explains that there is a scar that results from this advanced technique.
“The new funnel is shorter than the ones we are accustomed to using. A side-note, we have been using the Keller funnel in this country for roughly 10 years!”

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So, perhaps for those surgeons in the Europe this is like a new innovation or revolutionary procedure to add to their tool kit, but for us, it has become pretty much mainstay in highly advanced breast augmentation practices in Washington DC.
Final Thought: Anytime you choose surgery, there will be a resulting scar of some kind, shape, size, etc. How long and wide it is may vary, but even in today’s world, a scarless surgical procedure just doesn’t exist.
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