What Is Baby Botox?

Many of us think that there’s nothing we can do about wrinkles until after they have already formed.
But good news, beauty fans!
Thanks to a new trend in injectables, you are now able to take charge of your face and stop your muscles from making wrinkles before they even form! And you’ve probably already heard of it. Thanks, science!

These Days, Even Botox Is Getting a Facelift

While there’s actually nothing new in the way Botox is being administered, there has been a change it in its adaptation by younger users. The procedure is being coined as Baby Botox, a method of smaller-dose injections with the intent to freeze muscles so the wrinkles don’t have a chance to form in the first place.
The name, which has nothing to do with babies, refers primarily to the smaller dose of the botulinum toxin compound used.
Smaller quantities are injected into more varied areas of the face, allowing the physician to create a softer, more natural look rather than the stiff, expressionless muscles for which Botox is most notorious. It is meant to “tweak” facial muscles and provide adjustments based on greater customization.

Botox as an Art Form

The real art of Botox has always been in the way it’s administered. In reality, Baby Botox does nothing more than rebrand a procedure that has been known to leave the face looking stiff and rigid.
The goal of Botox in general is to leave the patient with a natural, fluid expression. And therein is the reason for the rebranding. Baby Botox is no different than traditional Botox, instead focuses on the artful application of the injectable.
An experienced physician will be able to customize your Botox experience, allowing you to walk away with the most natural look possible.
Ready to be proactive? Call Washingtonian Plastic Surgery today and ask about how Baby Botox can help you avoid wrinkles altogether!