When many women and men consider plastic surgery, they get excited thinking about final results and improvement to their appearance and self-esteem. However, in order to achieve the best surgical outcomes possible, it’s important for patients to be well-prepared for their procedure. Here are 7 guidelines for deciding to get plastic surgery that can help facilitate a safe and effective treatment, smooth recovery, and excellent results.

1. Select a Qualified and Experienced Plastic Surgeon

If you are thinking about plastic surgery, it’s essential that you carefully research and vet providers. The surgeon that you select should be board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and have extensive experience performing your desired procedure.
He or she should also be committed to achieving the highest quality of care and surgical outcomes. [Read More About Dr. Singh]

2. Undergo a Comprehensive Consultation

In order to determine if you are a good candidate for surgery, a thorough evaluation and examination are necessary. During this initial meeting, your surgeon will assess your concerns and goals and develop a customized surgical plan for you.

3. Take Precautions to Avoid the Need for Revisions

One of the most important guidelines for plastic surgery – get it right the first time. Any reputable and well-qualified surgeon takes extreme care to achieve desired results with the initial procedure.
It’s also worth noting that revision work is typically more difficult. So, if you encounter complications with one surgeon, another doctor will have a harder time correcting these issues.

4. Consider Technique Over Technology

While plastic surgery continues to experience significant advancements, a plastic surgeon’s well-honed technique will always trump technology.

5. Insist on a Fully-Accredited Surgical Facility

Prioritizing safety is another important guideline for plastic surgery. Therefore, ensure that your treatment will be performed at a fully accredited and state-licensed surgical facility.

6. Commit to a Long-Term Relationship with Your Plastic Surgeon

Post-procedure, you should receive on-going care from your plastic surgeon. This includes attending follow-up appointments and communicating any concerns with your doctor and his staff.

7. Choose Quality Over Cost

Plastic surgery is an investment. However, because it’s elective and not covered by insurance, some patients are attempted to place cost above surgeon credentials and expertise. Doing so, can not only lead to undesirable results, it can also increase your risk for adverse events.

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