Do you suffer through spring and summer wearing long-sleeve shirts and dresses because you are self-conscious about the appearance of your arms? Have you been unable to trim and tone your arms as you’d like with diet and exercise alone? If this is you, then arm lipo can offer a safe and effective body contouring solution.
Continue reading to learn all about arm lipo, including how it works, who’s a good candidate, and what to expect from the procedure.

What is Arm Lipo?

Arm lipo is a surgical treatment designed to remove unwanted fat and sculpt the arms. While fat is the often the focus of this procedure, it requires careful contouring of the upper arms and bulges in the underarms to achieve a more slender and toned appearance.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Arm Lipo?

Healthy women and men who are bothered by heavy or ill-proportioned arms are often good candidates for this treatment. Additionally, arm lipo is well-suited for patients who want to feel more comfortable in sleeveless dresses, tank tops, and fitted shirts.

How is Arm Lipo Performed?

Arm lipo requires precise extraction of specific amounts of fat from the upper arms and underarm area. The procedure is performed on an out-patient basis and may involve tumescent anesthesia or general anesthesia, depending on the individual’s customized treatment plan.
In order to access localized fat pockets, two small incisions are made in the arms. One is placed above the elbow and the other is located on the back of the arm.
Then a long thin tube, called a cannula, is manually manipulated to remove unwanted fat and contour arms.
Following arm lipo, patients are placed in a compression garment, which they will need to wear underneath their clothes for several weeks. Downtime is minimal, and most individuals return to work and their regular routine within 2-3 days.

Interested in Arm Lipo?

If you are considering arm lipo, please call our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Navin Singh at our McLean, Northern Virginia or Chevy Chase, Maryland locations.