Everything in life has risks. If you eat only salads you could get E.coli and die. If you eat only meat, you could get heart disease and die. If you go to the gym you might hurt your back. If you don’t go to the gym, you might get heart disease, a stroke or diabetes. So everything In life has risks and benefits and of course these weight loss peptides, semaglutides, tricepetides all have risks but the FDA would never approve them if they weren’t on balance, better for us than they were harmful and we have to weigh (pun intended): What are the risks of being heavy?  That comes with joint wear and tear, back pain, knee problems, hip problems, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and compare that to what are the risks of losing that weight and the risks of being on this medication for a few months to reset your metabolism. So of course, we have to balance that. 

Excess weight can’t just come back unless you are putting more calories in than you are burning out. So, once we reset you, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You have to maintain healthy calories of protein, and low carb/low glycemic foods, but weight can come back if you put more food in your body than you are burning out, otherwise there would be no such thing as famine in the world. People would just gain weight without eating food. 

Combining scientific medicine with a holistic program of healthy eating (not dieting) and healthy activity is the only solution to the modern obesity crisis.  And yes it is a crisis.

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