Apparently, Marylanders are a bit obsessed with butt implants.
Well, obsessed may be a strong word, but if there’s treatment that seems to have caught Marylanders’ eyes, according to Google Trends, it’s ‘butt implants.’
They share some kindred spirit with Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, and Missouri. A bigger butt is in season in these states, apparently.

What a butt implant actually entails

Unfortunately, the term butt implant has come to be associated mostly with shady backroom injections of silicone by con artists posing as doctors.
Notoriously, the silicone would form into a gravel-like substance, or even block blood vessels for deadly results.
This is not what actual butt implants are like. For one thing, they don’t use silicone.

The Brazilian Butt Lift

There are multiple kinds of buttocks augmentation procedures, but the most famous among them might be the Brazilian Butt Lift.
If you’ve never heard of a Brazilian Butt Lift, stay seated. In what might be the most innovative use of fat yet, the butt ‘implants’ used in a Brazilian butt lift… are your own fat.
That’s right. If you’ve got pesky love handles or any other problem areas that you’d love to get liposuctioned away, you might be charmed to hear they can also be used to expand your derriere.
Essentially, fat is taken from one part of your body, and injected into your backside to fill it out. Thus, the contouring effect is doubled. First, you slim down your problem areas, and at the same time, you fill out your backside.
There are of course buttocks augmentation procedures that don’t use your own fat, but it’s important to point out once again that ‘silicone’ never comes into play. If you are ever offered butt implant treatments with silicone, you should stay far away.
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