Pregnancy changes your body.
It’s an unfortunate fact of life that a post-baby body often means sagging breast, extra weight and possibly even overly inhibited vaginal muscles.
If you’ve experienced any of these, then you may very well be interested in a number of the best cosmetic treatments that can help restore your body to its pre-pregnancy state.

1. CoolSculpting to Shave off That Extra Belly Fat

Unfortunately, pregnancy leaves some fat with your body even after everything’s said and done. In order to accommodate the coming child, your body increases its fat stores — widening your hips and rounding out your stomach.
No matter how attentive to diet you might be, pregnancy may have permanently deposited fat in your problem areas.
But a treatment like CoolSculpting is made explicitly to treat those problem areas, and can reduce fat by up to 25 percent in a targeted area.

2. Tummy Tucks Can Give You That Thin Waist

Tummy tucks can do much the same thing — but they’re going to be even more effective than CoolSculpting. Whereas noninvasive fat treatments can have mild to medium results, a tummy tuck is going to have an immediate bang for your buck.
Of course, tummy tucks are still surgery, and as a result are going to take some downtime to recover from.

3. The Mommy Makeover

And finally, there’s the Washingtonian Plastic Surgery mommy makeover. Not one procedure, but a number of procedures that all work synergistically to altogether produce one wow effect.
That includes a tummy tuck, but also possibly liposuction and breast augmentation.
It’s not a one size fits all deal, and the patient involved might specifically request this or that procedure, such as an arm lift or a thigh lift. It all depends on what the patient and physician agree upon.
Think that CoolSculpting, a tummy tuck, or a mommy makeover might be right for you?
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