You may have heard of jaw augmentation, but jaw reduction may be a new concept to you. And while it makes sense that for every augmentation procedure there’s probably a corresponding reduction, you might also be curious who’d be interested in jaw reduction.
Many individuals feel that their jaw just looks too large in proportion to the rest of their face. Beauty tends to be a matter of ratios, and sometimes a too large jaw upsets the balance–especially if you want to look petite.
But just how is jaw reduction in Arlington, VA achieved?

Relaxing the Muscles for a Smaller Frame

It might seem odd that Botox can be used to reduce the size of your jaw. After all, it’s a muscle relaxant. How exactly can it make you smaller?
The answer is simple. The bulky appearance of muscles is often due to overcontraction. If you’ve ever gone to the beach and flexed your abs the whole time, you’d know that contracting yours can add definition.
Not only that, but the act of contraction tends to pull on the bone and cause development on the bone. With the relaxation of the muscles, this pulling stops — and the bone is liable to reduce in size as well.

Am I a Good Candidate for Jaw Reduction with Botox?

This at least partially depends on what contributes to the size of your jaw. For example, some individuals have fat deposits that increase the size of their jaw. Unfortunately, if this is the case for you, Botox will do little to reduce the size of your jaw.
Still, it’s worth getting a consultation just to see if jaw reduction with Botox might be right for you. An indicator that your jaw may be over contracting is headaches and jaw pain.
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