Do you feel like your jaw isn’t well defined? We tend to associate well defined jaws with men, but both men and women can have poorly defined jaws–and feel that their attractiveness suffers as a result.

Chin implants, also called genioplasties, contour the shape of the jawline by adding an implant to the chinbone. This gives the appearance of a “stronger” chin and improves overall facial harmony.

Recovery from Chin Implants

If you’ve gotten chin implant surgery or are considering it, you might be wondering what the recovery process is like.
Swelling and bruising should persist for about two weeks.

To help with swelling, cold packs of any sort help–frozen peas are recommended because they conform to the face.

Swelling is also reduced by sleeping with your head elevated. This helps blood flow back to the heart through the veins.

Bloody drainage from the mouth is normal for a few days — it may actually get worse the morning after surgery.
Avoid pressure on the chin area for a whole six weeks after surgery, because it could remove the implant. Showers and washing your face is fine the day after surgery.

Brushing the teeth is fine — just be sure to be careful with the incision if it was in the mouth. Excessive facial movement should be controlled for a few weeks after surgery.

Medications and Nutrition

Vicodin is prescribed for pain after the surgery. Meanwhile, antibiotics should be fully taken as prescribed.
Of course, try to avoid meals that require a lot of chewing.

Take care to avoid damaging the stitching within the mouth. Muscle activity around the lips changes due to reshaping of the jaw from surgery — your body will eventually get used to it.

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