Ear gauging or ear stretching became a popular trend in the Western world, however there are many reasons why people are now seeking to correct this modification. Once the holes stretch past a certain diameter, there can be a point of no return and the earlobe will never spring back to its original shape. When the holes are stretched too fast, there is a risk of infection and even tearing. This can have some individuals regretting their decision as they get older to find it’s no longer aesthetically pleasing or that it’s even affecting their professional career choices. Luckily, Dr. Navin Singh can fix this issue by performing ear surgery to correct the damage associated with gauges by closing the hole to improve your earlobe contour.
This quick procedure is done in our McLean, Virginia office under local anesthesia with laughing gas, if desired. This procedure is performed by surgically removing the inner lining of the elongated earlobe hole then strategically stitching the edges back together, closing the hole and reducing the expanded earlobe. The cost can typically range from $500-$1000, depending on the size of the gauges.
There is no downtime and any associated pain can be alleviated with over-the-counter medication. You may experience minimal swelling so it is recommended to keep your head angled up when resting at home. After 3-4 months, it is safe to re-pierce the ears.
If you once had gauges in your ears and wish to restore a normal look to your earlobes, contact  Washingtonian Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation! To learn more about this procedure, call our McLean, VA office at (703) 345-4377.